Empty Vessels For Christ (Mentoring Services for Equipping the Saints)






We are a group of Christians called by God to pray and teach the Word of God. We operate under the covering of Living Word Ministries, a full-gospel, non-denominational church, located in Loves Park, Illinois serving the community for over 40 years. We accept prayer requests from anyone who needs, or knows of someone who needs prayer.  Our founder and teacher is Jackie Keating, an ordained minister through International Ministers Forum.  Jackie offers comprehensive, 8-week classes on how to live a victorious Christian life.  For details, please go to our Contact Us page.



Living Word Ministries - 7801 Eastmont Avenue   

Loves Park, Illinois 61111 - (815) 877-1845

  Sunday Worship Service
     10:00 a.m.

Bishop John E. McClintock

Please come join us as God turns praise and worship into an experience!