Nearly 25 years ago, God gave me a life-changing impartation through a powerfully anointed man of God named, Dr. Bill Gillham, about the old nature vs. the new nature, and our true identity in Christ.  I still carry this revelation with me today, and, by God’s Grace, I hope to pass it on to you.   

Birth determines identity.  In the natural realm, we were born human from our human parents.  We didn’t have to grow up to become a human being.  We were human the second we were born.  Your identity was human.   So it is in the spiritual realm. When we were born, we were born from our spiritual parent, Adam.  That means we were born with his sin nature. In other words, we were born with a human spirit that was alive to the world but dead to God; a/k/a, a dead spirit.  When we were born from above, or born-again, our old Adamic nature DIED (the old man), and God became our spiritual parent.  We received His divine nature, in the form of God, the Holy Spirit, the instant we were birthed into the spiritual realm.  Our identity became exactly like the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!!! 

The battle within us is not between the old nature and the new nature, i.e., the old me vs. the new me.  If that were true, we would be a house divided against itself (Luke 11:17), and, of course, we know that God cannot fall.  The old man (sin nature) is dead, and incapable of coming back to life.  Jesus Christ is the only one Who has resurrection power; and, as born-again believers in Christ, we have it, too. (Rom. 8:11)   It’s part of our new nature. (Rom. 6:4-6; Gal. 2:20)   The battle we fight is the same battle Paul fought in Romans 7.  The bible calls it the power of sin (Rom. 7:20) that resides in our members (our unsaved flesh), (Rom. 7:23).  Temptation comes through our old habit and thinking patterns that still remain in our brains.  Remember, the brain is simply a body organ that will die when we die.  It’s flesh.  The temptation is NOT THE SAME OLD YOU that was unworthy to be in the presence of the Lord.  God killed that guy when you were born-again! He’s history! 

You might argue that it's just semantics, and what difference does it make how it’s said as long as people know what you mean.  The bible has a lot to say about the power of our words.  I have discovered that at the depth of this understanding lies BIBLICAL SELF-ESTEEM (our true identity in Christ) and freedom from the self-condemnation we feel. 

As believers, so many of us struggle with the issue of self-esteem.  I did.  The bible says that at salvation we were SEALED with the Holy Spirit of promise. (Eph. 1:13)  When we received Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit and our dead human spirit became one; the life of Jesus Christ was born in us (the only life we have, now-Gal. 2:20) and that union was sealed.  We are a SEALED UNIT with God, the Holy Spirit!  It’s very much like the canning jars your grandmother used when she made jelly.  The jars were sealed SO THE GOOD STAYED PURE AND NO CONTAMINATION FROM THE OUTSIDE COULD GET IN!  Meditate on that for a moment.  Once I understood who the REAL me was (my spirit), God further solidified this revelation by reminding me that nothing unclean can go before Him, (Rev. 21:27), therefore; this HAS to be true. 

Dear sisters and brothers, this is why you have free access to His throne room, and why you can run into His arms anytime you desire!  In a nutshell, YOU ARE A PERFECT TEN!  God sees His children as perfect tens!  You are one-third perfect.  I am a spirit being made in the image of God; I possess a soul; and I live in a house called a body. (1 Thes. 5:23-24).  I am NOT a body with a spirit and soul. I am a spirit being with a soul and a body.  My body is not the real me.  My spirit is the real me!  There's a huge difference.  Your spirit is what got saved and is fully redeemed right now.  Your soul is in the process of being redeemed, and your flesh will be redeemed when Jesus returns. The temptations come through the old habit and thinking patterns (not the old you) burned into our brains, and we can fight them with the resurrection power already in us.  Everything we need to live a victorious Christian life is in our SEALED UNIT!  You've already got it!

This miracle happened at the Cross, but so many in the body of Christ don't have a clear understanding of the amazing things Jesus accomplished at the Cross.  They suffer defeat because of their lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)!  When I share this with the believers God puts before me, I have yet to see it fail.  They are instantly changed.  Their human self-esteem is changed to BIBLICAL self-esteem, and the victory of their true identity comes. 

By the way, when the soul lines up with the Word of God in our sealed units, it gets in on all this “good stuff”, too.  The soul and body is another whole teaching in itself.  

I urge you to take this before the Lord and let Him reveal it to you.   He wants to show you so His Son will be glorified through your renewed mind and new behaviors.  That’s the desire of HIS HEART.  Think of it this way.  We’ve always gone to Him asking for the desire of our heart, but have you ever thought that YOU could give Him the desire of HIS HEART?  You can. 

If you want to bless your heavenly Father, then give Him the opportunity to glorify His Son through you and touch the hurting people of this world!  To God be all the glory.