Don’t you just love God’s creative ways when talking to us?  He talks to me through movies.  One that comes to mind is Rocky II.

He started with the scene where Rocky asks Adrian to marry him, then He went to the wedding scene, and the walk home. I loved that Rocky carried Adrian the entire way home.  Whata guy!  The next scene was their marriage bed, where he kissed her lips so tenderly (Men, hang in there to the end; it gets better, I promise!).  It was at this point, He began to speak to me with thoughts in the form of a conversation.  He asked, “Jackie, what do you see?“  I responded, “Father, I see Rocky treating Adrian like a beautiful, tender flower that he treasures more than anything in his life.  His eyes reveal the special place in his heart where she can be safe & protected from harm.  Rocky loves her exactly as she is; he loves her unconditionally, and Adrian knows she is free to express herself just as You made her - for him.  She can trust Rocky with every area of her life.  I could tell, at that moment, they believed they were the only two people on earth.  I also see that under Rocky’s beautiful tenderness was a fierce contender ready to strike out at the slightest threat against her.”  Then He said, “Jackie, what does this tell you?’’  I said, “Father, it’s clear that I’m describing our great love affair - You, the Triune God, and me. The remarkable part is that You make me feel like Your one and only, yet I know there are many, many others who have this beautiful relationship with You, too.”  He said, “Continue watching, child.”  I responded, “Yes, Sir.”

I came to the scene where Rocky and Adrian were having a disagreement.  Remember?  Rocky tells Adrian that he was meant to be a fighter, not a television personality doing commercials.  But, she objects.  I noticed how, even when they disagreed, his tenderness was still front and center.  I loved the line, “Adrian, I never asked you to stop being a woman.  Please, please, don’t ask me to stop being a man.” “Please.”  I said, “Lord, this reminds me of the gentleness of Your Holy Spirit when He corrects me, and how I still feel loved, even when He points out my mistakes.”  He responded, “Exactly.” 

Then, I came to the scene where Adrian is in a coma and Rocky is crying over her bed.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, “This is how your Father grieves when sin creeps into your life or you stray away from Him.  He’s always there waiting for you to wake up, cheering you on, encouraging you, speaking His Word, and telling you to keep listening.  And, when you finally wake up (realize), the first thing you notice is the joy of the Lord welcoming you back.”

Adrian wakes up, and Rocky tells her that if she wants him to call off the fight with Apollo Creed, he will.  Remember what she says?  She tells him  there’s only one thing she wants him to do - WIN!  Unity, at last, and Rocky is propelled to a place where he knows his dream will come true.  Then I heard my Father say, “Child, see how happy I am when your thoughts become agreeable to My Will, and how I will bless you by causing your plans to be established and succeed - you will win the prize!”  (Phil. 3:14; 1 Cor. 9:24; Prov. 16:3) I said, “Yes, I do see, Father.  Thank You.”

The fight scenes were next. By this time, God had opened my eyes so widely that the fight became a vivid illustration of what I would have faced, both here, and eternally, had I not received Christ into my heart as Lord and Savior, and, subsequently, fallen in love with Him.  Did you catch that word, subsequently?  That means I made the commitment first, and then came the love affair.  The enemy wants you to believe it must be the other way around.  In other words, he wants you to believe that if you don’t feel love for Jesus, then you cannot ask Him into your heart.  That’s a lie!  Don’t let him fool you.  And, finally, the victory - the prize.  This tells me how sweet it can be, here, and will be, eternally, in heaven. 

Men, I asked you to hang in there to the end.  I hope you did.  This is a powerful illustration of how to love your wife as Christ loved the church.  He is tender, loving, encouraging, and steadfast; He is our Protector, and Provider; He is in us and we are in Him - we (the church) are one with Him, and we needed performance out of the God-man.*  Think about where we would be if all Jesus had was a “fuzzy” feeling for us.*  I shutter to think!  Your wife needs to see you performing/doing these acts of love.  It isn’t just something “nice” to do.  To her, it’s as necessary as air to breath, and without it, inside, she withers and dies (it‘s called depression).  Let me point out to you, wife, that you have to do your part, too, but we’ll have to save the details for another time. 

I struggled with the title of this article.  At first, I wanted to title it, A Peak Into the Secret Place, because that’s exactly what it is - a modified excerpt from my prayer journal and intimate time with my Father.  He will give me thoughts in the form of an intimate conversation with Him.  That explains the quotes.  It’s just one of the many blessings He’s given me as I have chased Him over the years.

My final comment is for the men. This illustration is focused on the women, but God is just as capable in meeting the needs of a man.  Don’t let the enemy confuse you with his lies.  He will try and tell you that this stuff is just for women and you don’t need all that sappy stuff.  Listen, you can go to Him with whatever needs and concerns you have, and He will communicate with you -  perfectly.  He made you.  He knows exactly what to say and how to say it.  He knows you better than you know yourself.  Trust Him!  Chase Him!  He wants to be caught.  He will reveal amazing things like the Secret Place, and you’ve just had a peak into mine.  I pray that you will find yours.  To Him be all the glory!


*Bill Gillham, Lifetime Guarantee